To be a leader in providing professional survey services to our clients by creating successful partnerships. Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our clients by exceeding their expectation through excellence in performance, integrity and perseverance of the SSI team. The success of SSI is directly measured by the success of our clients.


Our pledge is to establish relationships and provide an environment and future for our employees. An environment in which an employee can excel through innovation, commitment and optimism…so that an employee can reach their full potential.


Center Line Surveying, Inc. dba Survey Systems (SSI) has established a solid reputation as a professional land surveying company that places quality performance and customer satisfaction above everything else. It is this driving focus that has allowed SSI to provide more than 25 years of quality surveying services in Colorado.

Proven Business Practices

Beyond having expertise in the surveying field, using advanced equipment, and focusing on customer service; it is also critical to have a proven business practice in place.

Survey Systems, Inc. (SSI) follows a project management approach that insures the following: critical milestones and deadlines are met, problems are resolved in a timely manner, performance remains consistent and quality 
driven, and the project documentation is accurate and complete. Proven expertise allows us to identify problem areas, in most cases, before they get to a point of slowing 
production. SSI not only identifies the problem, but through our vast field experience, we have the technical 
expertise to offer solutions to keep the project on track and avoid costly delays.
Our approach to the field of surveying differs from that of many firms by emphasizing the employment of 
experienced, qualified and competent personnel. Using certified surveyors and experienced project managers in the field every time instead of inexperienced personnel allows us to deal effectively with technical issues and make 
decisions to move the project forward. Conducting ourselves in a professional manner means that we are punctual and meet an established schedule, we communicate effectively in the field and deliver work on time and within budget. The approachability and technical expertise of our surveyors allows us to communicate effectively and build the rapport necessary to insure that the project stays on track.
SSI uses the most complete and integrated set of surveying tools available – from our Trimble robotic total stations to our state-of-the-art GPS receivers– it is a truly integrated system, with advanced data collectors, radios, survey controllers, and office software all custom developed for a totally integrated workflow. SSI might be called upon to stake a pipe alignment, then stake a foundation, and finish up with a quick as-built survey on another site. The equipment we use can translate complex CAD designs, work with conflicting datums and coordinate systems, generate sophisticated topo maps, and integrate measurements from a variety of instruments and digital formats.